We're always on the lookout for high-quality medical supplies and products that we know our clients will like. In the year 2022, we are excited to introduce you to some new additions to the Simsii Inc. product line.

Non-Sterile PP Syringe Filters –

Filtration can extend the life of analytical instrument parts that are consumable reduce system wear and tear, and protect the integrity of an analytical system in analytical chemistry sample preparation applications. However, a syringe filter that is improperly chosen or of poor quality might introduce contaminants into the sample in the form of extractable that elute from the filter device. These unwanted artifacts have the potential to damage analytical results. Coelution, inaccurate quantification, and superfluous peaks are some of the issues that can be extracted.

Filters for non-sterile syringes can be utilized in various sample preparation applications. Surface filtration, general filtration, and crucial analytical sample preparation applications benefit from syringe filters.

Sterile PES Syringe Filters –

Simsii PES syringe filters are helpful for sample recovery in sterile filtrations, clarifications, and tissue culture medium preparations due to their high throughput and low protein binding. We offer PES filters in blister packs of 50/100 pieces to reduce wastage and ensure speedier application. Compared to PVDF membranes, these filters feature lower extractable levels and faster flow rates.

The male Leur-slip exit and female Leur-lock input are standard on our PES syringe filter membranes. They have good chemical and thermal stability and a more significant working pressure. Filters that are certified DNase-free, DNA-free, and RNase-free are available. They are available in various diameters and pore sizes.

4mm CA Syringe Filters –

Sims's high-quality 4mm syringe filter is ideal for filtration of sample volumes under 1ml. It enables greater sample recovery because of its extra-low hold-up volume. A PP housing and a membrane component make up the structure of these syringe filters. Nylon, PVDF, PTFE, MCE, CA, and PES are among the membrane materials available at Simsii.

Our 4mm syringe filters are clearly labeled to make identification a breeze. Check this label for the best outcomes, and you can get them in a pack of 200 pieces. These HPLC-certified filters are made under strict quality control and assurance procedures. They're good for sterile filtering, CE samples, and HPLC samples with low solid content.

50mm Nylon Syringe Filters –

We have a large selection of 50 mm micron filter syringes with pure polypropylene housing at Simsii. Every single one of our products has been integrity-tested and certified. They are produced in accordance with international standards. Our syringe filters are utilized for various applications, including gas filtration, due to their high flow rates and wide range of particle sizes.

The filters on our 50mm syringes are non-toxic and non-pyrogenic. They come in various membrane materials, including hydrophobic PTFE, hydrophobic PVDF, PES, and Nylon. PES membranes are better for low protein binding, while PTFE membranes are better for chemical resistance. PVDF is used for HPLC sample filtering, whereas Nylon is ideal for aqueous sample clarity.

New MCE Gridded Membrane Filters –

Cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate make up the high-quality sterile gridded MCE filter. The gridlines on this natural hydrophilic membrane are well defined. They are biologically inert and can be utilized for various analytical purposes. These general-purpose filters are built with high flow rates, high porosity, and better recovery rates for enhanced performance.
Particle monitoring, air monitoring, particle removal, general laboratory filtration, aqueous clarity, and microbiological analysis are just a few of the applications for our MCE membrane filter. Sims offers membrane filters with black gridded and white gridded grids. Gridlines are drawn with non-toxic ink. Gamma irradiation is used to disinfect them, and they are prominently labeled.

Final Words

Simsii, Inc. is a prominent private supplier of laboratory filtration, offering nylon syringe filters, PES syringe filters, PTFE syringe filters, PVDF syringe filters, MCE syringe filters, PP syringe filters, CA syringe filters, and glass fiber syringe filters, among others. Our organization provides domestic and international businesses with high-quality lab filters. The corporation began introducing innovative products to the market in the June 2022 edition.