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Simsii™ Syringe Filters,
a Wide Variety of Choices

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Simsii specializes in creating and producing high-end disposable syringe filters and membrane filters that are easy to use and will serve all your laboratory filtration needs.

When time is of the essence, mistakes are not an option — for you or for Simsii. Throughout our entire syringe filters production process, we maintain only the strictest levels of quality control. We use medical-grade virgin polypropylene housing and welded with high quality membrane, so you can be sure your filter will never leak sample solvent. For easy identification, we color-code our syringe filters and print specifications for membrane type and pore size right on the filter. Our filters have a transparent housing, so you will always have full visual control.

Whatever your requirement, Simsii has a syringe filter or membrane filter to serve. We offer a wide variety of membranes and pore sizes, as well as a selection of filter diameters to handle any sample volume. Our Syringe filters, including nylon syringe filters, PVDF syringe filters, glass fiber syringe filters, etc, provide high flow rates and maximum sample loading capacities. Check out our selection for yourself, then contact us. Our quality filters can make your job a little easier.

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Nylon Non-Sterile Syringe Filters


All filters are available in hydrophobic or hydrophilic membrane materials including:
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