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About Us - Simsii, Inc.

Simsii, Inc. is a leading private supplier of laboratory filtration, including membrane filters and syringe filters such as nylon syringe filters, pvdf syringe filters, glass fiber syringe filters and more. Our company offers high-quality lab wares to domestic and international companies. Since Simsii, Inc. was founded in 2013, we have continued to supply and introduce innovative products to the market.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Jinmeng Zhou, the founder of Simsii, Inc., has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying quality lab wares, syringe filters, and membrane filters. He owned a laboratory filters manufacturing facility in China, which manufactured and supplied high-quality lab wares for the American market.

After gaining years of experience in the lab wares industry, Mr. Jinmeng Zhou moved to the US in 2013. He spent a year investigating and analyzing the needs of the syringe filter and membrane filter market. With the support of his partner and his team, Mr. Jinmeng Zhou established Simsii, Inc. to provide high quality syringe filters and membrane filters and excellent customer service to the American market.

Our team consists of professionals who have years of experience in the microfiltration field and researchers who work tirelessly at our reliable manufacturing facility in China to cater to the needs of the American market. Our dedicated team is focused on supporting scientists and medical professionals by providing them unique and innovative laboratory filters.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality syringe filters and membrane filters at economical prices that meet and exceed the demands and needs of our customers. We aim to become the largest and best supplier of laboratory filters in the world.

Work With Simsii, Inc.

Simsii, Inc. aims to revolutionize the lab wares industry; we conduct extensive research to analyze market needs and demands, and supply innovative and unique membrane filters and syringe filters to our clients, partners and the market accordingly to meet the laboratory filtration requirements of scientists, laboratory technicians, and other professionals.

  • We welcome our clients, scientists, and others professionals to discuss their concerns and needs with our experts. Our experts help you determine your needs and requirements and suggest the best products to you.
  • We believe that healthy competition promotes business growth and development. We welcome our competitors for OME and ODM. Together we can explore more opportunities and add value to the industry.
  • We offer excellent customer services and high-quality laboratory filters to our clients. Our expertise and capabilities combine to provide custom laboratory filtration services for your sample preparation, Ion chromatography products, and other laboratory operations.

Let Simsii Inc. become your partner for laboratory filtration solutions. Email us at info@simsii.net or call us at (949) 336-8212.

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