If you own a laboratory, one thing you need to know is that the condition and the quality of the laboratory equipment will determine the accuracy of the results you will obtain. Scientific results can get compromised if you have poor maintenance practices on the equipment. Some laboratory equipment such as syringe filters need regular maintenance. Here are some of the techniques you can use to make sure you have maintained your laboratory equipment.


Refurbishing refers to the process of dismantling each of the laboratory equipment separately and carrying out the cleaning of the parts individually. If you have any metal elements, you can easily polish them while the pipette pistons are lubricated.

The best way of carrying out refurbishing is by making it regular. It will increase the lifespan of your equipment and make them work effectively to deliver the expected results.


These are practices carried out to increase the accuracy of your laboratory equipment. In some cases, some of the laboratory equipment can produce inaccurate results due to a number of defections. Calibration can play a role in getting rid of these defections to increase the accuracy of your equipment. It should be done thoroughly by someone who knows how the equipment works.

Have Regular Cleaning

This is one of the lab maintenance actions which is overlooked by the laboratory managers and owners. If your laboratory equipment is not as clean as it should be, then it will yield results which are not consistent. If you want to make sure that your laboratory equipment serves you for a longer period of time in the right way, cleaning the laboratory should be a priority.

Most of the laboratory equipment require cleaning in a certain way. Make sure you check out the cleaning procedure which has been laid out on the machine label to avoid damage. If you are unaware of how you are going to clean the parts, it is advisable you call someone who has knowledge.


There are some cases where the laboratory equipment will require replacement. However, there are other cases where some of the laboratory equipment can be repaired so that they can remain in their perfect working condition.

If you have large equipment, there are some parts which will wear out much faster than the other. Make sure you pay attention to your equipment to note the signs of wear and tear so that you can know when to embark on the repair of the equipment.


There is some equipment which cannot be repaired at all. When such equipment wears out, the best option is to carry out the replacement. Replacement costs can vary depending on the type of equipment. However, you should take your time to find the best equipment.

Laboratory maintenance is a simple process and it will play a great role in saving you the associated costs. If you have items such as syringe filters, maintaining them will ensure you receive accurate results.