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Sterile Gridded MCE Membrane Filters

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Mixed Cellulose Acetate or MCE membrane filters from Simsii are suitable for sterility testing and colony counting. These are naturally hydrophilic membranes with gridded surface. It makes them perfect for research and analytical applications. They have a high recovery rate for microorganisms. The calibrated MCE media is designed for optimized flow rates and they are gamma irradiated for sterilization purposes.

Our range of gridded MCE membrane filter is available in different pore sizes to suit different requirements of microbial analysis. The clearly defined grid lines are spaced at an interval of 3.1 mm and they are completely non-toxic. The large surface area is available for higher absorption of particles. You can opt for sterile MCE membranes for critical applications.

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  • Due to easy colony counting Gridded membranes are frequently used in bacterial or water analysis.

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    SKU SKU Diameter Pore Size Packaging (pcs/pk) Price Qty Add to Cart
    M047MCE022GS M047MCE022GS 47 mm 0.22 μm 200
    M047MCE022GBS M047MCE022GBS 47 mm 0.22 μm 200
    M047MCE045GBS M047MCE045GBS 47 mm 0.45 μm 200
    M047MCE045GS M047MCE045GS 47 mm 0.45 μm 200
    M047MCE080GBS M047MCE080GBS 47 mm 0.80 μm 200
    M047MCE080GS M047MCE080GS 47 mm 0.80 μm 200
    M050MCE022GS M050MCE022GS 50 mm 0.22 μm 200
    M050MCE022GBS M050MCE022GBS 50 mm 0.22 μm 200
    M050MCE045GBS M050MCE045GBS 50 mm 0.45 μm 200
    M050MCE045GS M050MCE045GS 50 mm 0.45 μm 200
    M050MCE080GS M050MCE080GS 50 mm 0.80 μm 200
    M050MCE080GBS M050MCE080GBS 50 mm 0.80 μm 200

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